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Lake Charles Birth Photographer ~ Owen

Baby Owen’s Birth~ Lake Charles, Louisiana Birth Photographer ~ HF Photography

**Before viewing this blog post, take notice that this is a post about a photographed birth. Although very slightly and tastefully, some body parts may be in view. Thank you to Owen’s mom for giving me permission to share these beautiful images**

I don’t shoot many births. Mainly because of how time consuming and hectic it is for my schedule. Being on call during the last month of a pregnancy with three kids 6 and under is crazy. I take on a few birthing clients a year only because I truly love shooting births. Partially because the whole witnessing of a miracle thing and partially because it’s easy. The emotion is there. I do nothing to bring it out. There is no posing or coordinating of people. Just me dancing around the nurses trying to stay out of the way of the main event. I consider myself an empathetic person so when I’m in the room with someone that is seeing their child for the first time, I feel like I’m experiencing that with them. That new baby high could also be part of why I love to photograph births. All the excitement of having a baby without me actually having four children……Maybe I will take on more births to get my baby fix.

Baby Owen was born on my “me” day. The day I had set aside for poolside relaxation sans children. You would think leaving the pool after half an hour, without a pina colada, would be tragic but it was spectacular. I’ll take baby Owen over a pina colada any day. Check out a few of my favorite images from the day Owen was born.

Owens birth2015-07-09_02332015-07-09_02322015-07-09_02312015-07-09_02302015-07-09_02292015-07-09_02282015-07-09_02272015-07-09_02262015-07-09_02252015-07-09_02242015-07-09_02232015-07-09_02222015-07-09_02212015-07-09_02202015-07-09_02192015-07-09_02182015-07-09_02172015-07-09_02162015-07-09_02152015-07-09_02142015-07-09_02132015-07-09_02122015-07-09_02112015-07-09_02102015-07-09_02092015-07-09_02082015-07-09_02072015-07-09_02062015-07-09_02052015-07-09_02042015-07-09_02032015-07-09_02022015-07-09_02012015-07-09_02002015-07-09_0199

  • Morgan Miller - The one of Bear looking at Owen made me cry!!!

  • Kandis - Wow. This is by far my favorite blog post. Had me teary eyed and made me GoL (giggle out loud). Spectacular job!!!